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Meeting Date: Wednesday, August 18, 2021
6:00 p.m: Meet Your Neighbors
6:30 p.m: Meeting Begins
Location: West Falmouth Library, 575 West Falmouth Hwy.
Note: We ask that all attendees wear masks, including those who are vaccinated.

Meeting Agenda:
Brief Updates on current topics including Fire and Emergency Services, Litter Clean-up, and Road and Bike Path Safety- by WFVA Board members.

Guest Speakers:
•  Jason Cullinane representing FalmouthNet, a local non-profit organization working to create a community-based fiber optic network in Falmouth.
•  Gilda Brancato representing Friends of Sippewissett Marsh and Beaches, an organization of concerned neighbors of the Great Sippewissett Marsh whose mission is to help protect and sustain the marsh and beach ecosystem.

Please Join WFVA! Download membership form or fill one out at the meeting.

Annual Falmouth Spring Clean-Up

The Annual Falmouth Spring Clean-Up will take place Saturday, April 17 through Sunday, April 25, 2021.

WFVA supports this annual event, and we understand that our members may not all feel comfortable participating this spring due to the pandemic. Your safety and health are most important!! If you choose to participate, please do it safely. Remove litter from the same areas you have cleaned in the past, or contact village leaders Sue and Milt Williamson willmilt@comcast.net or Mary Ryther at info@westfalmouthvillage.org if you’d like us to suggest an area to pick-up, or if you have other questions.

Any litter collected can be added to your household trash. Recycle any items possible.


Virtual Precinct Meeting A Success In Falmouth

By Brad Cole, Falmouth Enterprise

Approximately 100 people on Thursday last week, January 7, attended Falmouth’s first precinct meeting since November 2019. Town Meeting members and Town Moderator David T. Vieira ironed out procedural issues on Zoom before taking up the warrant, of which articles calling for a new fire truck and siting the Carousel of Light next to Shivericks Pond drew the most discussion. Before the meeting got underway Mr. Vieira conducted test votes, including a quorum count, to confirm all was working properly.

Read full article >

Recent Litter Clean-Up Efforts

Village Litter Clean-Up on October 31.
WFVA Members: Taylor, Gedney, Sellers families of West Falmouth cleaning up trash and debris from Black Beach

•  WFVA held a Village Litter Clean-Up on October 31, with free Ice Cream provided by Eulinda’s.

•  West Falmouth Residents also supported Litter Free Falmouth’s 1st Fall Town-wide Litter Cleanup on Sunday, December 6.

Litter was collected from roadsides, beaches and conservation lands in West Falmouth and throughout the town. Over 175 members of the community participated. Some obtained free litter grabbing sticks and T-shirts from the Keep Massachusetts Beautiful website. Others purchased grabbers from local hardware stores and online.

•  “Litter Free Falmouth” Plans Additional Clean-Ups

Litter Free Falmouth hosted a community-wide discussion (via Zoom) of the path forward to achieve a litter free Falmouth on Thursday, January 21. (Read the article in the Falmouth Enterprise

•   Falmouth Adopt-A-Highway group recently initiated stewardship of Route 28

(between Thomas Landers Road and Route 151) and is seeking new members who want to help. Anyone wishing to join the highway adoption team can email Alan Robinson at amrobinson101@gmail.com

West Falmouth Fire Station - temporary closures due to staffing issues

West Falmouth Fire Station Faces Temporary Closures
Falmouth Enterprise, by Carrie Gentile, Jul 3, 2020

Staffing issues curb operations at West Falmouth fire station
Cape Cod Times, by Jessica Hill, Jul 1, 2020

West Falmouth Village Association Urges Voters to Support Question 1

West Falmouth Fire Station

Passage of this ballot question is the ONLY chance to keep West Falmouth Fire Station open after July 1, 2020 and equally importantly maintain acceptable emergency response times in West Falmouth. Station 4 also provides invaluable back-up as second responder to emergencies on the west side of town- which is critical to public safety.
Text of QUESTION 1: Shall the Town of Falmouth be allowed to assess an additional $971,507 in real estate and personal property taxes for the purpose of funding the salaries and benefits of eight (8) firefighters for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2020?

Read the Falmouth Enterprise article on Question 1 >


View Agenda file >

Read the Falmouth Enterprise article >

Learn more about this issue >

Informational handouts:

•  SAFER Grants
   (Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response)

•  Fire Station Staffing - existing and proposed

•  Response time to emergencies in West Falmouth
  will increase dramatically with closure of Station #4

Proposal to Adjust
Historic District Boundaries

Map West Falmouth historic district

"The Falmouth Historical Commission is proposing to adjust the setback boundary lines to include the entire property to provide consistency throughout all 7 historic districts.

No properties will be added to the historic districts. The adjustment will eliminate properties from historic districts that are not on the main district public way and do not have a building affected by the current setback. Of the 1,019 properties in the historic districts, 123 properties will be removed and 106 primary buildings will now be included."


Town Website- General Link
Full Text of Cover Letter

West Falmouth Property List
FAQs about the proposal
Boundary Adjustment Maps

Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

Christmas Tree Lighting
Christmas Tree Lighting
Photos courtesy of Milt Williamson


West Falmouth spring clean up

To everyone who participated in the 2018 litter clean up in West Falmouth - THANK YOU. We were fortunate to have 6 new volunteers this year which increased our total number to over 50. Miles of roadsides were cleared of many types of litter. The most prevalent item picked up this season was NIPS - hundreds of them - thrown out of cars.

Here’s some of the roadsides and areas where dedicated volunteers removed litter within the last two weeks - an amazing accomplishment.

1. West Falmouth Hwy. starting at Thomas Landers Rd. to Palmer Ave.
2. Nashawena Rd./Quaker Rd. from Old Dock Rd. to Old Silver Beach
3. Chapoquoit Rd. and island
4. Palmer Ave. from West Falmouth Hwy. to Sippewissett Rd.
5. Thomas Landers Rd./Route 28 intersection (2 exit ramps and 2 entrance ramps)
6. Brick Kiln Rd. from 28A to the bridges (Route 28 intersection)
7. Old Dock Rd.
8. Brick Kiln Rd./Gifford St. intersection
9. Blacksmith Shop Rd. and Swift Park
10. Salt Pond Bird Sanctuary land bordering Chapoquoit Rd.
11. West Falmouth Harbor shoreline at low tide
12. Little Island beach

Again, we are so grateful for everyone’s willingness to be part of our West Falmouth.

Milt and Sue Williamson Coordinators
April 2018

West Falmouth Library Re-Opens
The Cape Cod Times
By Christine Legere
A vital contributor to West Falmouth community life reopened its doors late last month just in time for the annual influx of the town’s summer population. Read more >

West Falmouth Harbor Eelgrass Study
The Falmouth Enterprise
By Brittany Feldott
A recent study shows that eelgrass in parts of West Falmouth Harbor is growing relatively healthily, but Philip Colarusso of the US Environmental Protection Agency said last week that it could take between six and 17 years before eelgrass beds fully recover. Read more >

Retreat for ALS Patients, Families, and Caregivers Planned
The Falmouth Enterprise
By Andrea Carter
Construction of the Compassionate Care ALS Education and Retreat Center in West Falmouth, formerly Beach Rose Inn, began in November.
Read more >

Swift Park

West Falmouth Swift Park

Many thanks to “Nautical and Nice” and the Shearer Family for the donation of two benches at the renovated tennis court at Swift Park. Photo: Chris Moskal and his daughters Julia and Caroline enjoy the benches with Denali the dog.
August 2016

West Falmouth Residents To Try Out Alternative Septic Systems
Read the Falmouth Enterprise article >
February 5, 2016

Tennis Courts at Swift Playground

West Falmouth Tennis Courts opening

West Falmouth Tennis Courts Swift Playground

Photos show current progress (Nov. 20, 2015) of reconstruction of the Town

Swift Playground West Falmouth

Tennis Courts at Swift Playground in West Falmouth. The Town of Falmouth is overseeing and funding the construction. Courts will be ready for play in Spring 2016.

West Falmouth Tennis Courts

Swift Tennis Courts West Falmouth

Palmer Avenue Bridge Reconstruction

Palmer Avenue Bridge Reconstruction project

View the photo slideshow of the Palmer Avenue Bridge Project

West Falmouth Day, now a part of Pumpkin Day!
A free, family-friendly event at the historic Bourne Farm, Route 28A, West Falmouth, MA held each year in October.

WFVA Annual Meeting
Parachute Fun led by Elsa Partan.

Nancy Hayward WFVA Villager Award 2015
Board Members Jay Austin and Tom Ford
man the WFVA information table.
Read more about the Pumpkin Day and view more photos >

Falmouth Receives State Funding to Replenish Chapoquoit Beach
The Enterprise by Carrie L. Gentile

Falmouth has been awarded $120,000 from the state to replenish Chapoquoit Beach and adjacent dunes with sand dredged from the Cape Cod Canal.

The public beach in West Falmouth has been eroding at a rate of .7 to 1.3 feet a year, resulting in loss of recreation area and natural storm buffers, according to the grant application prepared by the town and M. Leslie Fields, coastal geologist for the Woods Hole Group in Falmouth.

Evidence that erosion is occurring is the lack of the bathing beach during high tide and exposure of the nearby seawall during high tide, the last line of defense for Chapoquoit Road that runs by the beach.

Following the announcement that the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management awarded the grant to Falmouth, the town will enter negotiations with the US Army Corps of Engineers to provide the dredged materials. The plan is contingent on testing that determines the material will match the beach grains in West Falmouth.

The application estimates the work to be complete by end of June next year.

This is the second attempt at bolstering this stretch of beach with sand from the canal. In 2002, the same initiative was in the works but because of scheduling problems with the Corps’ dredging contractor, the sand was instead dumped offshore instead.

The sand will be spread over a 3,600-foot swath, from Chapoquoit Island to the northern end of Black Beach on both the beach and dunes. The project is expected to increase the beach width at high tide by approximately 100 feet.

The beach, which has been diminished by erosion, acts as a protector of West Falmouth Harbor from Buzzards Bay. Both Chapoquoit Island and the eastern side of the barrier beach are developed, with year-round homes, the application states. The grant will be used to update the 2002 beach nourishment plan and to pay for the requisite local, state and federal permits.

Falmouth town officials will organize three public meetings in which they will present the project and gather input from residents. The town will also hold smaller meetings with local groups including the Chapoquoit Association, West Falmouth Village Association, and Bowerman’s Beach Club. The state awarded $2.2 million in grants to several coastal towns earlier this week to help local governments reduce the risks from coastal storms, flooding, erosion and sea level rise.

Buzzards Bay Guardian Award

buzzards bay coalition Guardian AwardThe Guardian Award was given to the West Falmouth Boat Club from the Coalition for Buzzards Bay. A beautifully carved scallop shell award created by New Bedford artist John Magnan from pine driftwood collected on Cuttyhunk sits on the mantel in the WF Library.

The Guardian Award is the “highest honor from the Coalition and is given for outstanding service in the clean-up, restoration, or protection of Buzzards Bay.” It honors “the unsung hero or heroine who deserves public recognition, not only for what they have achieved, but also to inspire others to make a difference.”

Please stop by the West Falmouth Library to read the complete award information on the bottom of the shell. John Magnan’s studio is located in the Waterfront Historic District of New Bedford.

Falmouth Healthy Lawns

What you need to know about Falmouth’s Nitrogen Control Bylaw for Fertilizer:

Falmouth adopted this Bylaw to reduce the nitrogen pollution going into our estuaries. The Bylaw applies to nitrogen used to fertilize grass only. The Bylaw does not apply to fertilizer used on your flower and vegetable garden, greenhouse, houseplants, farm, or orchard. The Bylaw also does not apply to the establishment or repair of turf (after substantial damage) in its first growing season.

•  Don’t fertilize any part of your lawn between October 16th and April 14th, or directly before or during a heavy rain event. Don’t spread fertilizer on paved surfaces and clean it up if you do.

•  Don’t fertilize any lawn located within 100 feet of wetlands - specifically the Resource Areas as defined in Falmouth’s Wetlands Regulations, FWR 10.02 (1)(a - d).

•  The Bylaw recommends that if you fertilize lawns not covered by the 100’ prohibition, fertilize sparingly! The Bylaw encourages use of materials such as yard waste, compost or other similar materials that are primarily organic in nature and that are not considered “fertilizer” to improve the physical condition of your soil.

Read more in the Healthy Lawns PDF.

Buzzards Bay Coalition

buzzards bay coalition save the bay

Buzzards Bay needs your help today.

The state budget has left out critical funding for protecting clean water in your community. This funding supports water quality monitoring across southeastern Massachusetts including the Coalition’s Baywatchers program.

Your voice can make a difference.

Tell Senate President Rosenberg and your senator to support budget amendment 226 to restore water quality monitoring funding for Cape Cod and Buzzards Bay.

Contact Senator Rosenberg now by calling (617) 722-1500 and emailing stan.rosenberg@masenate.gov.

Contact our Senator, Vinnie deMacedo, by calling 508-747-6500 and emailing vinny.deMacedo@masenate.gov.

For 23 years, the Baywatchers program has monitored the health of your local waterways. And that research has led to action. On Cape Cod, a major clean water planning process is almost complete and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency just launched a program to reduce nitrogen pollution.

The Baywatchers program is more important than ever. Tell the Senate to support budget amendment 226 to protect clean water in your community today.

WFVA Villager Award

This award is given for outstanding service and dedication to our village. If you have a recommendation, please contact Jay Austin at 508-566-0645 or by email at Aukina@aol.com. Please let me know why you feel the person you have nominated is worthy of such an honor. Thank you in advance for your help!

The WFVA Villager Award was established in 2010 to honor individuals in our community who have given great service, time and talent for the benefit of West Falmouth.

This award is bestowed at the Annual Meeting held in July/August.The person or persons to be honored will be notified in advance of the meeting and asked to be on hand for the presentation of the award. Recipients of this award are:

Nancy Hayward - 2015
John Ross - 2014
Peter Gedney and Paul Sellers – 2013
John F. Austin, Jr. - 2012
Maurie and Art Harlow-Hawkes – 2011 
Milt and Sue Williamson - 2010

West Falmouth beach protected forever with conservation restriction

The generosity of the Shearer family is shown through a remarkable gift of a conservation restriction co-held by the Buzzards Bay Coalition and The 300 Committee Land Trust.
Near Chapoquoit Beach in West Falmouth lies a special stretch of beach and coastal habitat. Tall dunes rise up over the shore, protecting a community of plants and shrubs sandwiched between West Falmouth Harbor and Buzzards Bay.
View photos of this unique coastal habitat that is now protected forever.

Flood Map Presentation
The West Falmouth Village Association and Falmouth Housing Trust sponsored a flood insurance presentation, including West Falmouth Flood Maps, by Town officials at West Falmouth Library on January 13, 2014.

A Representative panel comprised of Town of Falmouth's Building Department & GIS Department, as well as representatives from a local lender and insurance agency, gave the presentation followed by a question & answer period.

Click here for more details, including a video of the presentation.

On Crocker Pond—West Falmouth Neighbors Worry About Pollution

Cape Cod Wave - By Laura M. Reckford

On a recent Friday morning, an osprey swooped low over Crocker Pond in West Falmouth but then angled back up. No fish to be seen.

“They’re not awake yet,” said Mary Bunker Ryther, 50, who grew up on Crocker Pond and now lives just a quarter mile up the road in North Falmouth. Her Norwich terrier Rogue positioned himself on the edge of the Bunker family dock and looked intently into the water, willing a fish to squiggle to the surface. Nothing yet. Just clear water all the way to the bottom.

The pond off West Falmouth Highway (Route 28A) at the intersection of Thomas B. Landers Road is bound by the Bunker property taking up most of one side and Bourne Farm taking up most of the other. It is a serene place.

Ryther knows there are fish in the pond, always have been for the more than 65 years her family has lived next to it. But she is concerned about the future and whether the abundant wildlife in and around the pond will be there for her grandchildren and their children. > Read more

Falmouth Bikeways Committee Survey

The Falmouth Bikeways Committee is seeking your input; please fill out this survey. It will give the committee a better understanding of bicycle rider needs in Falmouth. The survey will take five to six minutes. Your bicycling needs will be incorporated into bicycling planning. Please only complete this survey one time. The committee would like the widest range of citizens to participate in this survey.

Take the Survey!

Hearings for 681 W. Falmouth Hwy.
Update: Application withdrawn

WFVA has been notified by the Historic District Commission that they will be holding the record open regarding the property at 681 West Falmouth Highway (HDC application #13-12). The intent of the record remaining open is to all for "further public testimony", according to the Commission's Chairman, Edward Haddad.

"Where in West Falmouth" Photos
Featuringl photos of West Falmouth by Peter Partridge.
West Falmouth Village
> Click here to view the photos

Save Crocker Pond
re: Crocker Pond in West Falmouth
"Most people don't know Crocker Pond or if they do know the Pond don't know the name of it. It is the Pond next to Bournes Farm on 28A in West Falmouth at the junction of Thomas Landers Rd. It is where Pumpkin Day is held each October.

The reason for the concern is that the town hopes to dishcarge wastewater 400 yds uphill from the pond." > Read more

IMPORTANT UPDATE Post Office Square / Liquor Store
Date set for Town of Falmouth Selectmen's rehearing on the relocation of the liquor store to 28A is now scheduled for April 29th, 2013.
The following is a message from Frank Duffy, Falmouth Town Counsel  

March 2013
We have received a decision from ABCC on the appeal and the ABCC has disapproved the action of the board of selectmen in denying the application of Murfslix's Inc. to transfer the location of its business from Main St. to West Falmouth Highway.  The matter is remanded to the board with the recommendation that the application be granted.  The board may impose reasonable conditions on the granting of the application.       The ABCC found that the board denied the application on the grounds that the transfer did not "serve the public need."  The board did not articulate its reasons for this finding and merely recited a summation of opponents who testified about parking and traffic.  The ABCC suggested that the board treated the hearing as a plebiscite.  In addition the ABCC noted that all public officials who submitted referrals to the board (the building commissioner, the fire deputy chief, the police chief and the board of health) all had no objections to the application.  The commission concluded that the board denied the application "simply by conjuring a parade of horribles" that it has the power to prevent (by the imposition of reasonable conditions). 

October 2012
Greetings:  I am contacting you individually or as members of the WFVA about the package store appeal. Murphy’s Package Store filed an application with the Falmouth Board of Selectmen to change the location of its store from Main St. to 410 W. Falmouth Highway. The Board of Selectmen denied the application. The applicant has appealed the denial to the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission in Boston and a hearing is scheduled for October 10, 2012. In its decision, the BOS found that there was no demonstrated public need for a package store at this location. The board based its decision on public testimony and written submissions in opposition to the transfer. From a review of the record it appears that you submitted information considered by the board. I do intend to submit the BOS record to the ABCC, but to present the full case for denial, it will be necessary to present testimony from residents of the neighborhood to verify the facts in the record and support the board’s decision that there was no demonstrated public need. I am asking that you respond with your availability to serve as a witness at the hearing or to identify others in the neighborhood who can do the same. Thank you. 

Petition to Protect West Falmouth Groundwater
Synopsis: The Town of Falmouth is making some progress towards protecting the estuaries on the South Coast. However part of a proposed plan includes the possibility of adding new waste water infiltration sites which could threaten many of North and West Falmouth's ponds, streams, wetlands and marshes. Possible infiltration sites to the south and north of Thomas Landers Rd. will likely impact Crocker Pond, Wing's Pond and even West Falmouth Harbor. We ask that an Environmental Impact Assessment be conducted with a decision to proceed only after the potential impacts are definitively shown to be benign.

1. Please sign this petition online by visiting the petition page on Change.org.

2. Please share this petition with others who may be interested.

3. View PDF Map and Details.

3. For more information on the town's effort to manage wastewater please see the Town Wastewater Management Committee Website.

West Falmouth Harbor

West Falmouth Harbor

Here is a photo from a celebration of the favorable settlement to benefit West Falmouth Harbor and the success of efforts by John and Martha Ross which began in 1994! Included are WF Boat Club President Peter Partridge, members in the coalition, including President Mark Rasmussen and Representative Tim Madden.

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WFVA Projects

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West Falmouth new Playground

For local emergencies
Dial 911 or 508-548-2323 (This # goes directly to Falmouth Fire dispatch)
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