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Our purpose is to preserve the character of the village and to work with town officials from Falmouth to meet the changing needs of West Falmouth and the greater Falmouth community including the restoration of West Falmouth Harbor.

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Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Please leave the items listed for your postal carriers on Saturday morning. (All donations will then be delivered to the Falmouth Service Center.)
•  Apple Juice (64 oz.)
•  Mustard or Ketchup
•  Diced Tomatoes
•  Canned Chicken
•  Canned Peaches
•  Diapers (size 6)

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

west falmouth spring clean-up

Public Forum about Wastewater
and Watershed Management

A public forum was held on March 2, 2023 at the West Falmouth Library about wastewater and watershed management in the Town of Falmouth, including the environmental impact and benefits of the current plan.

View the Powerpoint presentations in PDF format:

wastewater presentation Falmouth, MA

View presentation by Korrin Petersen, VP Clean Water Advocacy
Buzzards Bay Coalition

Wastewater presentation Falmouth

View presentation by Amy Lowell, Wastewater Superintendent
Town of Falmouth

West Falmouth Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Survey

The purpose of this survey is to solicit the opinion and experiences of West Falmouth residents, business owners and other interested parties regarding speed and safety along route 28A. Please take a few moments to share your thoughts with us so that we, The West Falmouth Village Association, can properly advocate for you!

Legislation has been passed that permits towns to petition the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (DOT) to reduce speed limits on State Roads running through their town. We are currently engaged in related discussions with the Falmouth Traffic Advisory Committee, The Falmouth Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee, the Falmouth Select Board, MADOT and our local representatives in the State Senate and House.

Please let us know your thoughts by 2/20/23. We will share the results in a follow up message as we continue to keep you informed of our progress.

Recent Litter Clean-Up Efforts

Litter Cleanup in Falmouth

Previous Village Litter Clean-Up
WFVA Members: Taylor, Gedney, Sellers families of West Falmouth cleaning up trash and debris from Black Beach

WFVA regularly partners with Litter Free Falmouth, a volunteer initiative dedicated to keeping our roadsides clean.

Three members of the village association participated in Litter Free Falmouth’s Fall Clean-up of Thomas B Landers Road on Sunday, December 11th. The group parked at the Waste Management Facility and picked up litter working its way to the Route 28 on-ramps and back (2.5 miles total). The group collected 16 large yellow bags of trash in addition to a couple of campaign signs, an 8’ long heavyweight steel pipe, and two five gallon buckets. In addition to the typical nip bottles and fast food wrappers commonly found on most roadsides, this road has especially large amounts of construction-related materials blown out of uncovered truck beds.

Litter Free Falmouth is working with local authorities and MassDOT to raise awareness and put an end to this type of unintentional littering.

Water Stations in Falmouth

water stations Falmouth map

Click on map to view larger image

Falmouth Shellfish Propagation Slides

Recreational Shellfish Survey Falmouth, MA
View the Recreational Shellfishing Survey Slides

Falmouth Shellfish Overview
View the Falmouth Shellfish Overview Slides

Restoration of West Falmouth Harbor
View the Restoration of West Falmouth Harbor Slides

'Restoration Of West Falmouth Harbor' Event Leaves Residents With Hope, Challenges

By Claudia Geib, The Falmouth Enterprise

"...In the mid-1990s, scientists began seeing nitrogen levels spike in waters around West Falmouth—and with it, increased algae growth, along with sharply declining shellfish health, eelgrass coverage, and water quality. To this day, groundwater sampled around West Falmouth Harbor still has very high nitrogen levels."
Read the full article >

BAY HEALTH, West Falmouth Harbor

See how healthy your water is by visiting Buzzards Bay Coalition's website.

Read more >

West Falmouth Nitrogen Reducing

Read the status report about nitrogen-reducing
in the West Falmouth Harbor.

West Falmouth Harbor Restoration

West Falmouth Harbor Study

West Falmouth Harbor Restoration Feasibility Study
Prepared by:
Cape Cod Conservation District

Hydraulic Modeling and Culvert Size Analysis,
West Falmouth Harbor, West Falmouth, MA

Prepared by:
Woods Hole Group

Chapoquoit Beach Restoration - Feasibility Study

From the June 28th public meeting West Falmouth Clean Up
Click to view the presentation PDF from June 28

From the June 1st public meeting West Falmouth Clean Up
Click to view the presentation PDF from June 1

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information on the WFVA website

West Falmouth Village
more photos >

Safety in West Falmouth
West Falmouth Pumpkin Day
Save Crocker Pond
Pumpkin Day
WFVA Projects
West Falmouth Annual Meeting
Flood Insurance Presentation, Falmouth, MA
Safety in West Falmouth
Annual Meeting

Flood Maps and Insurance

Safety Tips for Protecting
Your Home
Falmouth Police Department
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Buzzards Bay Coalition

buzzards bay coalition save the bay

Buzzards Bay needs your help today.

The state budget has left out critical funding for protecting clean water in your community. This funding supports water quality monitoring across southeastern Massachusetts including the Coalition’s Baywatchers program.

Your voice can make a difference.

Tell Senate President Rosenberg and your senator to support budget amendment 226 to restore water quality monitoring funding for Cape Cod and Buzzards Bay.

Contact Senator Rosenberg now by calling (617) 722-1500 and emailing stan.rosenberg@masenate.gov.

Contact our Senator, Vinnie deMacedo, by calling 508-747-6500 and emailing vinny.deMacedo@masenate.gov.

Read the Buzzards Bay Coalition article about the West Falmouth demonstration project reducing nitrogen pollution from 20 septic systems by 78%.

For 23 years, the Baywatchers program has monitored the health of your local waterways. And that research has led to action. On Cape Cod, a major clean water planning process is almost complete and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency just launched a program to reduce nitrogen pollution.

The Baywatchers program is more important than ever. Tell the Senate to support budget amendment 226 to protect clean water in your community today.

Cape Cod Times reports the Coalition finds 'pause' in Buzzards Bay nitrogen pollution

Latest State of Buzzards Bay score reflects encouraging pause in decline of local waters

West Falmouth Harbor protection advances with conservation of 10 acres of coastal lands

Buzzards Bay Guardian Award

buzzards bay coalition Guardian Award

The Guardian Award was given to the West Falmouth Boat Club from the Coalition for Buzzards Bay. A beautifully carved scallop shell award created by New Bedford artist John Magnan from pine driftwood collected on Cuttyhunk sits on the mantel in the WF Library.

The Guardian Award is the “highest honor from the Coalition and is given for outstanding service in the clean-up, restoration, or protection of Buzzards Bay.” It honors “the unsung hero or heroine who deserves public recognition, not only for what they have achieved, but also to inspire others to make a difference.”

Please stop by the West Falmouth Library to read the complete award information on the bottom of the shell. John Magnan’s studio is located in the Waterfront Historic District of New Bedford.

Falmouth Healthy Lawns

What you need to know about Falmouth’s Nitrogen Control Bylaw for Fertilizer:

Falmouth adopted this Bylaw to reduce the nitrogen pollution going into our estuaries. The Bylaw applies to nitrogen used to fertilize grass only. The Bylaw does not apply to fertilizer used on your flower and vegetable garden, greenhouse, houseplants, farm, or orchard. The Bylaw also does not apply to the establishment or repair of turf (after substantial damage) in its first growing season.

•  Don’t fertilize any part of your lawn between October 16th and April 14th, or directly before or during a heavy rain event. Don’t spread fertilizer on paved surfaces and clean it up if you do.

•  Don’t fertilize any lawn located within 100 feet of wetlands - specifically the Resource Areas as defined in Falmouth’s Wetlands Regulations, FWR 10.02 (1)(a - d).

•  The Bylaw recommends that if you fertilize lawns not covered by the 100’ prohibition, fertilize sparingly! The Bylaw encourages use of materials such as yard waste, compost or other similar materials that are primarily organic in nature and that are not considered “fertilizer” to improve the physical condition of your soil.

Read more in the Healthy Lawns PDF.

West Falmouth beach protected forever with conservation restriction

West Falmouth protected coastal habitat

The generosity of the Shearer family is shown through a remarkable gift of a conservation restriction co-held by the Buzzards Bay Coalition and The 300 Committee Land Trust.
Near Chapoquoit Beach in West Falmouth lies a special stretch of beach and coastal habitat. Tall dunes rise up over the shore, protecting a community of plants and shrubs sandwiched between West Falmouth Harbor and Buzzards Bay.
View photos of this unique coastal habitat that is now protected forever.

West Falmouth Dock Rebuild

West Falmouth Dock rebuild
This West Falmouth PINK GRANITE boulder (sourced locally)
is a fitting cap stone for the project.

West Falmouth Harbor Eelgrass Study

By Brittany Feldott, The Falmouth Enterprise

"A recent study shows that eelgrass in parts of West Falmouth Harbor is growing relatively healthily, but Philip Colarusso of the US Environmental Protection Agency said last week that it could take between six and 17 years before eelgrass beds fully recover."
Read more >

Retreat for ALS Patients, Families, and Caregivers Planned

By Andrea Carter, The Falmouth Enterprise

"Construction of the Compassionate Care ALS Education and Retreat Center in West Falmouth, formerly Beach Rose Inn, began in November."
Read more >

Falmouth Receives State Funding to Replenish Chapoquoit Beach

By Carrie L. Gentile, The Falmouth Enterprise

"Falmouth has been awarded $120,000 from the state to replenish Chapoquoit Beach and adjacent dunes with sand dredged from the Cape Cod Canal."
Read more >

Historic WF Livestock Pound

By Amanda Haines, The Falmouth Enterprise

"Hidden behind brambles and trees at 825 West Falmouth Highway are some rocks that are steeped in colonial history. And, quite accidentally, when an Eversource crew dislodged a few of the stones during routine maintenance, they uncovered a little-known historic gem. The rocks are what remain of the West Falmouth Pound, a livestock shelter that is mentioned in the National Register of Historic Places (as part of the West Falmouth historical district) and protected by a preservation restriction."
Read the article >

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